Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cleveland '08- Day 3

Ahh, day 3. Always a great day in 3-Day land. You set out with such a feeling of lightness; after all, your two-thirds of the way there. You're going to get to the holding area and collect your victory shirt. You're going to have a wonderful closing ceremony. It's easy to get motivated on day 3.

Day 3 in Cleveland was incredible! After walking through Little Italy, lunch was at the botanical gardens. What a beautiful setting! As I was eating my lunch under a tree, I noticed some music. There was a young lady playing her guitar and singing on the other side of the gardens. It really added a nice, relaxing touch.

After lunch we walked through another park area that was having a "Walk and Roll" Sunday. The road was closed to motor vehicles to allow walkers, bikers, bladers, etc to have the run of the place. In addition to some really kind vendors along the way, the place was filled with cultural gardens for dozens of different countries. I really hope I get back there some time to visit the gardens when I have a little more time to enjoy them.

After coming out of the park, the rest of the walk was along the shore of Lake Erie. It really was a majestic sight. After making our way past the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the stadium where the Cleveland Browns play, we entered the holding area. Since there was a chance of rain, the holding and closing had been moved indoors to the Convention Center.

I really don't think I can adequately describe holding and closing to people that have not been there before. It's such a mix of emotions. You're relieved to have made it, you're happy to see friends and family and you're a little sad to be leaving. I had the pleasure of seeing my friend and fearless leader, Jordan (my Crew and Volunteer Coordinator in Michigan) carry in the "My Hero" banner to closing. And, of course, the survivor circle was an incredibly emotional moment. My favorite part of the ceremony involved some of the banners, but I'm not going to spoil the moment for anyone that might be participating in an event later this season.

I want to thank everyone involved in the Cleveland event. I had a great time and can't wait for Michigan in just a couple short weeks.