Friday, January 23, 2009

Spirit Jump Update

A few weeks ago I sent out some spirit jumps. One was a pink ribbon fleece blanket I had made. It went to a young lady in Nevada who is battling breast cancer a second time. I hoped she would like it and didn't expect anything else. Imagine my happiness when I received a lovely card from her thanking me and telling me she was using the blanket! I felt good enough sending the blanket on its way; I had no idea I would actually get to hear that it was enjoyed! I sincerely hope that the blanket continues to make her feel a little cozier as she fights her battle!

For more information on becoming a spirit jumper. Visit the Spirit Jump website or the founder's blog "I kicked cancer's @ss". The links are both on the left side of the page.

On another note, 3-Day season is officially underway! If you're a Michigan crew member make sure you get your crew assignment form filled out ASAP!


Ellyn said...

Hi Ann,

Like yourself, I am also a cancer survivor and after reading about your involvement with the Michigan Breast Cancer 3-Day, I wanted to let you know about an initiative by the Michigan Department of Community Health to raise money for breast cancer and prostate cancer research in the state of Michigan.

What we're doing is a simple campaign called the Michigan Breast & Prostate Cancer Income Tax Check-off to encourage residents of Michigan to indicate on their state income tax form an amount they'd like to donate to cancer research. By checking the donation box in the Voluntary Contributions Schedule on the state income tax form, all of the funds raised will go towards services and cancer research within the state of Michigan.

If you'd like to share this with your readers, visit On the site, there are badges for bloggers to grab and share to show their support. These can also be placed on Facebook/MySpace pages to help spread the word.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you want some more information. The more people know about this, the more strides we can take towards conquering cancer.


Ann said...

Hi Ellyn,
Thanks for the info. I will definitely look into that!

Just to clarify though, I am not a cancer survivor. Just a concerned woman who wants to see an end to a horrible disease. Sorry for any confusion! :)