Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Great Michigan Artisans!

I want to share some wonderful artists with everyone out there! Please check out their blogs and shops! Let's support each other and our community!

Angie's Design Shop
Deanna Blogs (dedeetsy)
Som's Studio
Fish Princess Designs
Queen Be


QueenBe said...

Ann, thanks so much for your link, and your site is an inspiration for sure. I will be doing some Troll promoting later on today myself! Have a great day, Carol B.

QueenBe said...

I keep trying to "follow" your blog and it won't leet me!! I will keep trying, maybe a glitch!

Angie's Design Shop said...

I love your blog!! I lost a grandmother and aunt to breast cancer and I have an aunt that is a survivor.

Ann said...

Thanks guys! I've been involved with the Breast Cancer 3-Day since 2002 and just love it. It's such a wonderful and moving event.

Som's Studio said...

Thanks so much for posting my Blog.
I love your Blog :)